Legendary Heirloom


Jerry Van Vleet, a furniture, casework designer and owner of Legendary Heirloom combines western artistry with total functionality in every project he is commissioned to do from that luxury kitchen with all the amenities to a one-of-a-kind cocktail bar hidden in the woods.

Jerry not only designs the rugged western look, but has a fine tuned sense of era styles, and new trends, as well as colors and textiles that can transform any living space or office area into an over-the-top hangout that will make you the envy of your circle. From custom bars to custom entertainment centers, Jerry is prepared to make something you'll love!

Jerry grew up in Denver, CO where he started his career at a very early age in a bustling custom furniture shop. He was hired as a sander because of his age, but climbed to shop foreman within a couple of years because of his abilities to communicate and execute ideas and joinery with the utmost quality.

Jerry's love for adventure moved him to Montana where he has turned a freshly plowed field where an old homestead once stood, into a vibrant studio with living quarters; legendary heirloom has been consistently growing with countless pieces sold nationwide for over 25 years. There is no limit to an idea so let's get started with your ADVENTURE!